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The Lady Loses 156 Pounds and Got Off All of Her Medis With 5 Super Simple Tricks, Heres How

February 20 2017, 16:54pm

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Local women, NaTasha Glaspy at age  27 was on 6 different medications and weighed 376 pounds. The pills helped her manage her blood cholesterol2 and pressure diabetes. She realized she could ditch many of her directions if she dropped weight

Once you get into the routine of life, it’s hard to escape the routine to transformation your life style for the better-especially when it comes to weight loss.

The same is true for Tasha.  As way way back as she can remember, she’s always been overweight and was content with being that way for the others of her life. But fate intervened and her small success turned into a huge victory. Here’s Tasha’s story in her own words:

"I decided to lose pounds after losing my job and being struggling to afford my monthly support medications - two blood pressure pills, a diabetes pill, and a cholesterol pill. I realized my weight was the good reason I was on the majority of my medications. That depressed me more also, and I decided that it was time to produce a noticeable change." she said.

2 years later, she’s totally dropped 160 pounds and no needs those drugs longer.

My weight held me back again from flying on airplanes since the seat belts didn't in shape, and that was obviously considered a safety issue. I also couldn't ride trip rollercoasters because of similar safety restrictions. For approximately six years, I caused kids, and I missed from so many engaging moments like field trips and just playing around with them because I was always too tired.

“The treatment for all my health problems was weight reduction,” Glaspy, 29 now, of Winston-Salem, TODAY North Carolina told. “I knew I definitely needed to take control over my entire life.”

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Glaspy had gained almost 70 pounds her first year of university and kept gaining until she carried 376 pounds on her behalf 6’1” body. She also offers polycystic ovary syndrome (the yoga fitness program, yoga burn), which really is a hormonal disorder that causes insulin level of resistance in many and may make weight loss a lot more challenging.

To regain control of her life, she started slowly by firmly taking a class twice a week at her local YMCA, made to help overweight people are more active.

At first, my fitness level was somewhat non-existent. I remember going into a boot camp that was made for obese people, and the trainer told us we'd to walk for 20 minutes briskly. I thought that was actually impossible. As I continued training more, my endurance began to build up tremendously.

The first day the trainer- Zoe Bray-Cotton, who told Glaspy she had a need to walk briskly for 20 minutes and she balked. There is no real way she could do it.

When I was slimming down, I started counting calories and focusing on my carb intake because my own body is insulin resistant. I also started eating according to a schedule predicated on whether I exercised, worked that day, or if it was an escape day.

“It had been overwhelming, but I kept heading,” she said. “I informed myself I'd keep going additionally journey if after this plan I lost 20 pounds.”


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At the end of pharse one  of the yoga fitness program, yoga burn, she had lost 23 pounds.

“I was excited and I was happy. I experienced like, ‘Okay, I can do that,’” she said.

She started going to other classes, including Zumba, kickboxing and weight-lifting boot camps, four times a week. And, she was transformed by her diet, cutting white carbs, juices and sodas and started consuming more lean protein.

“It took me more than three months to get this whole diet thing collectively,” she said. “The hardest part is think it though and having the willpower.”

Since March 2015, Glaspy has lost 160 pounds. But more she’s transformed her health importantly.

“It’s very surreal because We had been taking high blood circulation pressure medication since We was 16,” she said. “I am not just a prisoner to all these medications anymore. My body can do what it is supposed to do.”

She actually is hoped by her success inspires others.

“It really is totally doable and anything is possible when you believe in yourself,” she said. "The best part of weight loss is the newfound energy and being able to do things I've never carried out before. I'm also not really taking all those medications anymore and have actually lowered my A1C (blood glucose level) from 6.7 to 5.1. The worst component is hitting plateaus and getting the excess skin."

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Glaspy shared some ways to help others hoping to lose excess weight.

#1 Remind yourself of where you’ve result from.

When the plateaus feel frustrating, Glaspy talks about pictures from just before her weight loss. Sometimes she even wears her previous jeans. She now ties in one leg of her size 28 pants. This reminds her just how much she has accomplished.

#2 Celebrate the little milestones.

When the real number on the scale only drops by one pound, it feels frustrating. But to Glaspy that little loss still helps.

“Small progress is progress even now," she said.

#3 Figure out what motivates you.

Not really needing medicine motivated Glaspy. However, everyone finds something different that supports them.

“You have to find out why you are doing this, for your health, confidence, kids. You have to stick with why it is being done by you,” she said.

#4 Just move!

Glaspy’s weight reduction started with a brisk 20-minute walk. Now she works out four times a full week for at least one hour. When she started, she by no means imagined she'd enjoy exercise.

“You have to get and you have to start moving up. Don’t be like I was and sit down and think about it,” she said. “Everyone starts somewhere.”

#5 Eat what makes sense for you.

Because the yoga fitness program, yoga burn causes insulin resistance, a low-carb, high-protein diet works best for Glaspy. But she believes others have to pick a diet that functions for them.

And, she urges people to be realistic. For people who tried so hard to lose weight, she is suggesting. Just try the the yoga fitness program, yoga burn for 30 days to see if it works for you.

If it does, you will be delighted - and I think that is specifically what’s about to happen. If for one reason you are not delighted with all the pounds you have lost, the delicious fat melting foods you are consuming, and how great you feel, then return it - and you get all your money back. 

You have a choice to make: Do what you have been doing (or worse, carry out nothing at all). You know where that may lead. Fat. Sick. Keep morning at God.

Is that really where you intend to go? Take a new action, and get a new result. Get slender, healthy, happy, and full of energy!

Here's what to accomplish now… Click to discover more about Yoga burn.




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